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The Mortgage Eraser

We help consumers take control of their financial future. Our plans offer distinct advantages over other types of debt acceleration plans on the market today.

  • No HELOC, refinance, or credit checks required
  • We perform lender audits to endure accuracy and lender accountability
  • Never worry about banks misappropriating principal only payments
  • You can relax with our system, it is simple, safe, and automated.

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Improve your credit scores from 50-150 points on average!


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What Our Clients Say About Us

  • I first purchased the "Mortgage Eraser Toolkit" for my primary residence, from Jeff, years ago. It cut my mortgage term almost in half. The program is performing so well, I recently purchased another plan for my rental properties. Having this plan made my decision to retire easier. Once you see the comparison of how many years you can erase, using the same money I'm already spending. You will understand why I say this is a no brainer. Thank you Jeff!

    Tommy Robinson

    Portsmouth, VA

  • Wow, who doesn't want to save money! So when Jeff communicated his simple automated concept, where more of my exact same mortgage payment goes to principal. I had to see the numbers. Sure enough, I'm now saving thousands in unnecessary bank interest and decreased my loan payoff. The Mortgage Eraser Toolkit makes common sense. Every homeowner with a mortgage should use this proven method! Like his ad says, Why pay more than necessary?

    Carolyn George

    Jonesboro, GA

  • I am happy to see Jeff marketing this remarkable product online. Every homeowner needs to implement this program because it will make a significant difference in your financial future. Once Jeff showed me how much money I could save, using the same money I'm already spending. I was like where do I sign! From Jeff's Estate Planning to the Mortgage Eraser Toolkit. I can confidently say, look out 2020, I'm going to retire. Go Eagles!

    Al Granby

    Chesterfield, VA

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