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Home Ownership—the sweet American dream that many of us work so hard to attain. Most would agree, the rewards of homeownership are great, yet the greatest misconception is that you’re stuck with a 30-year life sentence of mortgage payments. The truth of the matter is implementing a biweekly payment plan or mortgage acceleration solution can help you retire your mortgage early, build equity faster, and eliminate unnecessary lender interest, so you can enjoy more of your slice of the American dream.

Truthfully speaking, helping you reduce your mortgage interest is not the goal of your lender. They exist to make money and homeowners who pay interest on a 30-year mortgage at the traditional pace are their best customers.

The Mortgage Eraser, LLC exists to help homeowners enjoy the pleasures of homeownership while eliminating debt and building wealth. Now, if you’re thinking you’ll have to refinance your mortgage loan, or pick up a second job, let me give you the good news upfront—YOU DO NOT! We want to show you how simple saving more of your money can be with a few consistent habits.

Jeffery Herring: FOUNDER & CEO

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Backed by over 25 years of experience. We use the exclusive and proprietary Preferred Biweekly method designed to save you more money and slash your effective interest rate up to 33%. In 1996, we partnered with Biweekly Mortgage Association (BWMA). BWMA is the oldest, and they represent the most respected, independent association of mortgage reduction consultants in the USA. As such, all of our client’s contracts are processed directly through them. We feel BWMA represents the “cream of the crop” and our alliance together is strong.

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It's not magic; it's math. With a biweekly mortgage arrangement, a half payment is due every other week. Unlike the traditional method, which occurs monthly. When you pay half the monthly amount every two weeks, keep in mind that there are 26 two-week periods in a year. When you are paying 26 half-payments, you are making 13 full monthly payments a year. That's why your mortgage pays off eight years early. The popularity of biweekly plans is that they align with how most homeowners get paid.

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Every successful financial strategy starts with an excellent client connection. Our mission and aspirations combine exceeding our customer’s expectation. We do more than automate loan payments. We ensure extra principal payments are applied correctly and not paid ahead, which is a default process for many lenders. Personal service and automated tracking means less anxiety for clients. More importantly, our Debit Service institution is a Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), Member which safeguards your account in accordance to Regulation E. Our Guarantee

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