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An accelerated loan payment plan is a novel approach to debt elimination with remarkable benefits. On a $225,000, 30-year fixed rate mortgage at 4.5%, you will pay the bank more than $185,000 in interest by the end of your loan term! Applying principal-only payments will decrease the loan balance to which the interest is applied thereby shortening the term and decreasing the overall cost of your home. Save $31,137 and pay off your mortgage almost 6 years early by enrolling in The Mortgage Eraser Toolkit.

single-family home with white garage and blue trim
Mortgage Eraser Toolkit

Amount: $225,000 at 4.5%

Interest: $154,278

Payoff: 24 1/2 years

Total Cost: $379,278
single-family home with white garage and blue trim
Conventional Payoff

Amount: $225,000 at 4.5%

Interest: $185,415

Payoff: 30 years

Total Cost: $410,415


The Mortgage Eraser Toolkit


Our MORTGAGE ERASER TOOLKIT system includes the enrollment of one mortgage loan. Triple your home's equity. Erase 7,10,15 years or more off their loan's term. With our Preferred Biweekly System*, the interest saved is enormous. This plan will also lower your net effective interest rate up to 33% or more. Most importantly, BWMA performs regular audits to ensure accuracy and lender accountability. Why pay your lender more than necessary?

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