Imagine being out of debt in just 8.75 years instead of 10.00 years and not having to make 15 additional payments...

Whether you religiously use your vacation ownership or timeshare at every opportunity, or often forget to take advantage of your guaranteed vacation spot(s). Your timeshare payments can get out of hand.

The Preferred Biweekly Mortgage way just makes dollars and sense!

Payment OptionYears to Pay OffMonths SavedTotal Cost of LoanTotal Interest PaidTotal Interest SavedNet Effective Interest RatePercent Interest SavedFuture Wealth*
Standard monthly Payments10.000$47,574.42$17,574.42$0.0010%0%%0.00
Biweekly Payments8.7515$44,975.77$14.975.77$2,598.658.52%14.79%$5,946.75
Biweekly with additional6.2545$40,395.55$10,395.55$7,178.875.92%40.85%$17,840.25
*Future Wealth equals principal and interest times number of Months saved

Timeshare Maximizer System



Our TIMESHARE ERASER TOOLKIT includes the enrollment of one loan. What’s amazing about the timeshare industry, most new owners walk away with a double-digit interest rate regardless of their good credit. You were perhaps pitched that you can refinance once you return home. However, most never do because these loans are not treated, by banks, like a regular mortgage. No worries, the THE TIMESHARE ERASER TOOLKIT system will give you the results you were promised.